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Feedbacks of participants

Feedbacks of participants

From feedbacks of T-Systems Slovakia IT-Academy participants (and current employees in T-Systems Slovakia)
„Really a good idea, to start this IT-Academy. Thank you for offered opportunity. I am highly satisfied. I don’t regret that I applied.”
„I am greatly surprised and very motivated to continue learning and growing in IT.”
„It’s something new, something I have not seen before. It’s great when a person ‘from the street’ gets a chance to show his abilities, and the company gives him a helping hand.”
„It is thorough and demanding study but if a person is really interested in IT technologies, he/she can master it. The advantage was that I could join T-Systems immediately after passing the course. I joined the company in December. In T-Systems, I got attracted with good company culture, a positive approach to employees. However, I am still learning. The company is well known with its team cooperation spirit. It has never happened that any more experienced and skilled employee refused to help and advice to me“, said Mr. Roman Ostrožovič.
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