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This is “IT”: all sunshine and roses

April 20, 2010
The Federal Employment Agency has improved its IT processes with support from T-Systems: error detection and resolution are at the same level as at private companies. This is the conclusion drawn by METRI, the benchmark specialist commissioned by T-Systems with data acquisition and a comparative incident management analysis. The Federal Employment Agency and T-Systems organized all of the Agency’s IT processes in a three-year project on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the benchmark for the operation of IT infrastructures. With a network of 170,000 workstations and 11,500 servers at 1,900 sites, the Federal Employment Agency’s information technology landscape is one of the largest in Germany. The Agency’s incident management, i.e. the manner in which IT incidents are resolved, consists of two phases: as first-level support, the incident hotline takes care of all incoming request for IT support; complex requests are handled by second-level support. According to METRI, both support entities perform good, cost-saving work.
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